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A Word From The Pastor


                Grace and peace to you all from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ! We are both blessed and burdened in the time we now live. We are blessed because many of us are in our right mind and acknowledge the presence and power of God through salvation in Jesus Christ. Yet, we are burdened because the world is increasingly hostile to the principles and precepts of God. The moral authority of God as expressed in His Word guides us into all truth so that we can walk circumspectly with clarity. The world cultivates and prefers confusion so that self-centered actualization and wickedness becomes the norm.

                Therefore, my brothers and sisters, we are at WAR! Not physical, but spiritual. First, we find ourselves fighting within because the carnal devices and concepts that the world cultivates often contaminate the clear and wise thinking that is available to us through the Holy Spirit. Second, we struggle with each other because we have a tendency to want to clone one another to achieve unity when God through the lordship of Christ has given us diverse gifts to function fully as His body in the ministry of reconciliation to a diverse world. Third, we are undergoing increasing intimidation and in some areas of the world, persecution, by those who despise and reject the Lamb of God (Isaiah 53).

                Since we recognize the sign of the times (Matthew 24; Romans 1; and Jude) where wars are always eminent, sodomy (including fornication, child molestation, and pornography) and abortion promoted, disobedience glorified, fraud corroborated (financial & business), injustice demanded (political and judicial), and dishonesty preferred (media corruption); we must be cognizant of these devices, yet not overcome by them. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal (II Corinthians 10) and we must respond to evil with good.

                Therefore, we at Mount Zion must study the Word of God so that we have clarity about all things without wavering in our faith. We must come to grips with the realization of victory in Jesus. The deceived will attempt to deceive, and the spiritually depraved will attempt to exploit or destroy your confidence in God. Let us come together regularly to worship God and edify one another through service and love. In foresight, we are winners and should act in accordance with this reality of the unseen.

                In the military, troops would often fret over getting promoted when they reached the promotion zone. On the day that the list is published, you see both smiles and solemn faces. Happiness was being on the list. As believers in Christ Jesus, your name is written in the Book of Life by His blood. Be happy that your name is on the list!

Be Abundantly Blessed!

Your Brother and Servant,

Pastor Sylvester H. Brown